Our dedicated team will help steer yours toward success, with your fleet as our primary focus. From choosing the perfect vehicles to keeping them maintained, we provide every service needed to cruise ahead with confidence.

Victorville is proud to offer the following benefits:

  • Cost savings
  • Personal assistance available 24/7/365
  • Proven processes with 60+ years of fleet management experience
  • Consolidated monthly invoicing
  • Online reporting tools
  • Increased driver safety
  • Maximized productivity

Available Services

We’ve made the process simple, so you can save time and money with these comprehensive fleet services:

  • Maintenance and Repair Management

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance

  • Rental Program

  • Fuel Cards

  • Accident Management

  • Glass Repair & Replacement

  • GPS, Telematics, and E-Logs

  • Registration and Renewal

  • Personal Mileage Reporting

  • Motor Vehicle Record Checks

Step 1
Create vehicle mileage & age timing thresholds

Step 2
Match your warranty period to time & mileage

Step 3
Structure loan term and payoff to coincide with usage

Step 4
Proactively order replacement units to minimize delays

The Perfect Body Style for Your Business

Our inventory includes a wide variety, from heavy-hauling commercial vehicles to dependable SUVs. No matter your fleet needs, Victorville Fleet Management Company is here to help you find the right vehicle for the job!

The Value of Vehicle Cycling

Key Observations

  • Rate of depreciation declines over time
  • Fuel and maintenance costs increase gradually over time
  • Mandated MPG efficiencies reward you for staying on the technology wave
Cycling Commercial Vehicles