Work Vans & Trucks for Electricians

Choosing a work truck or van is an important step in the career of any electrician. We’re here to help make it easier. Victorville Chevrolet Fleet has worked with lots of electricians as they make key decisions about their work vehicle set up. We will use our expertise to help you make a wise decision.

Van or Truck?

One of the best places to start when evaluating whether a work van or truck is a better choice is to review your average jobs, identify the storage space you require, and consider how you like to work. While a work van may be a better fit for an electrician who will need to work inside the vehicle and desires better fuel efficiency, a work truck may be more suitable for towing heavy loads.

While you will be the best judge of which option makes sense for your business, you may still have some questions. That’s where we come in. Contact us and speak to one of our experienced team members who have worked with electrician vans or trucks in the past. We’re here to help answer your questions without frustrating sales pressure so you can make the best decision for your business.

Choose Your Champion!

Electricians often select cargo vans, utility vans or pickup trucks. Review the options and see which one is best for you.

Cargo Vans

  • Easier driving and parking – slimmer design and easier parking
  • Best storage capacity – maximum storage capacity compared to other options
  • Secure storage – Tools/equipment are enclosed which is better for security and weatherproofing
White Chevy Cargo van in the city

Utility Vans

  • Organization – shelving options are available
  • Customization – more options to design your vehicle to match your work
White Chevy Utility van on the job site

Pickup Trucks

  • Towing – trucks can tow heavier loads than vans
  • Seating – customized cab options allow for more seats to transport more employees to and from the worksite.
White Chevy Truck on the job site

Contact Us

Call or visit Victorville Chevrolet Fleet more information about our inventory of work trucks and vans for electricians.